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  • e360 Feedback

    A 360 degree feedback must allow the organization and individual to develop. It must provide with inputs that are effective and objective with a perspective of overall growth. It must be simple to design, administer and interpret. CEO's 360 degree feedback is all that.

  • AssessGuru

    AssessGuru is a web enabled platform that allows Organizations and institutions the liberty of designing their own assessments on a reliable Technology base.

  • AnalyseSurvey

    Reach out to millions of audience across the globe and seek answers to all your questions at the click of a button. Irrespective of the nature of your online survey, some aspects will always remain constant.

  • T-Guage

    T-gauge assists you to better your learning processes and increase their ROI while empowering your team with valuable insights about quality of individuals and opportunities for skill development. Whether you are a corporate house, industrial unit or an Educational Institution, T-gauge can help you better your best.

  • ePeoplePower

    ePeoplePower is a powerful Performance management System that assists you to holistically evaluate employee and Organizational performance. While most PMS's in the market help you to appraise the performance of an individual against set goals, ePeoplePower gives you the refined edge of doing so in comparison with peer performance, department performance, organizational goals and performance objectives set.

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